Give Your Floor A New Look by Refinishing It

16 Oct

A floors use is to be walked on and serve as a protective layer from the foundation slab. Due to continuous use, your floor will need service just like your car does since it will be old and worn out. Other types of floors once worn out will need replacement as a whole compared to wood; which only needs refurbishing.

Whether you will try to refinish it by yourself or hire only ensure that you do it. Sourcing for an expert will be of advantage since they are trained for your floor type thus ensuring you get the desired outcome.  Cross-checking all available options and settling on the one that suits you is tiring and confusing. Being armed with the right info, you will find this shopping easy for you will know what you want.First Let us know what entails the refinishing activity.

Why should you spend on refinishing?

Once that level gets worn out its protective layer is long gone, so soaking of moisture by the wood happens thus dumpiness.Just be on the safe side and protect that investment by having few retouch on it.

 Initial Process

Ensure your level is clear of anything on top of it to ensure a good working environment. You have to remove the aged finish to have the new, and sanding will do it. The floor gets smoothened through the buffering process ensuring it is ready for finishing at

Staining the floor and applying finisher coat

If you are tired of the old floor shade, you can have it changed to a darker or lighter one through a staining process. Polyurethane Sealer gets applied as the finisher after drying of the dye.Finisher will give your floor a glow that you were looking for.

 Let us know the fundamentals on how to choose your contractor.


Hardwood floors are delicate, so they will need qualified pair of hands to handle it.Get someone who has been in business for at least a year since they are most likely to possess the right expertise. Seeing is believing so you will have to see previous work complete for it  will help you in vetting.

How does the company carry out the refinishing job?

You will need to know how long will they take to complete the work? Time is crucial, so you need to be aware how much time will you dedicate to supervising the work.  After work gets completed do they clean up or are you left clearing the mess?  Let them organize your room to its previous state and leave your home clean.

North Battleford Flooring will make your home look new and be confident it will serve you for long.

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